Conteneo presents Nettoki for Internet Entrepreneurs

Supporting entrepreneurs. That is the goal of the Nettoki Programme presented to the media by Conteneo today. This programme has an international scope and aims to help develop innovative Internet projects on issues related to leisure, culture and/or sport. All the necessary information and a registration form can be found in the new website launched.

How can Nettoki help entrepreneurs? The programme offers two types of grants: one for the projects selected at the beginning and another one for the projects which will be finally chosen. Nettoki Programme will be carried out with the collaboration of the Local Development Agency of Bilbao (Bilbao Ekintza) and Alhóndiga Bilbao which is the most pioneering leisure and culture centre of Biscay.

In the first phase Conteneo will provide training to the entrepreneurs for the proper development and progress of their projects. The tutorials will be held in AlhóndigaBilbao. Once this phase is finished and depending on the projects developments, they can obtain an economic support of 5,000 euros and Conteneo may give support the project with human resources, offices, hosting, etc.

Interested entrepreneurs must submit Nettoki a description of the project as detailed as possible, including the business model and the resumes of the members of the team. The deadline for submissions is June 30th. The selection and monitoring of projects will not start on June but as soon as projects are arrived. The entrepreneurs will know if they have been selected once their projects have been evaluated.

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