Whose is the knowledge on the Internet?

Whose is the knowledge on the Internet? It was the title of our 7th Nettoki held last Thursday in AlhóndigaBilbao. This time, the debate was about content and authors on the Internet, a topic which is interesting for both people who write in blogs, or for those users who just use social networks.

In order to go into this topic in depth, we had a group of excellent speakers: Esteban García-Cuesta, resercher at VicomTech-IK4; Galder González, administrator of Wikipedia in Basque and presentor of Albisteak 2.0 program; Raúl García, Product Manager of; and Venan Llona, digital coach for ASLE and the Technological “Barnetegis” of SPRI, and member of the “Aprendices” group. Xabi del Rey, from Conteneo, was the moderator of the talk.

Speakers tried to explain some interesting concepts refering to contents, copyrights and different collaboration possibilities, as well as the current situation of the market, filled with contradictions between those who bet for openness and those who trust in proprietary business models.

For two hours, not only speakers but also people attending to the Nettoki had the opportunity to learn, exchange opinions and have a good time. What else could you ask for?

See you soon!

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